Trailer Jack Stands

At BDC Door, we are committed to helping businesses improve the safety and efficiency of their loading docks. We do more than install the sectional doors in your loading bays – we can provide, install and maintain many types of dock equipment and will work with you to find the best solutions for your business needs.

Promoting Safety and Stability

The primary goal of loading dock equipment is ensuring safe and efficient transport between the trailer and stock room. Dock levelers and loading ramps help to smooth the transition between them, providing safe driving spaces for forklifts and other equipment, but the trailer itself needs safety equipment as well. This is where truck restraints and trailer jack stands come in.

A trailer stand provides balance and support to the trailer, particularly when it is removed from the truck. This gives you the convenience of loading/unloading on your own schedule, rather than holding up the truck driver. With heavy-duty trailer stands that can sustain ample weight, the trailer will stay firmly in position during loading, minimizing risks of accident or injury.

Quality Dock Equipment and More

Why rely on multiple equipment companies and contractors to complete your loading dock when you could call BDC Door and have everything handled at once?

We are a full-service door company offering solutions to the city’s commercial and industrial needs. From installing new sectional doors to outfitting your loading dock with the safety equipment you need, we can handle every aspect of getting your business ready for storage and deliveries. We are happy to provide suggestions or help you find the best solutions to your needs – just give us a call to learn more or obtain a free quote today!

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