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Have you just moved into a new home and discovered that there is no garage door opener or the

code needs to be changed? Has your existing garage opener suddenly stopped working? Or are you interested in upgrading your garage opener to a model with more security benefits and automation? BDC Door of Albuquerque can handle all of this and more!

Why Get an Automatic Garage Door Opener?


A garage door opener is undoubtedly convenient. But the benefits of automatic garage openers outweigh convenience alone:

  • They boost the security of your home. In most cases, a garage door opener prohibits anyone from entering the garage without the appropriate remote. Some systems, like those made by LiftMaster, include additional alarms and remote access to boost security even further.
  • They are safer than manual doors. Most garage door openers have sensors that prevent them from closing if something – or someone – is in the way. This is invaluable for homes with small children or pets.
  • They protect your home from weather. It takes a few seconds for an automatic garage opener to work, minimizing the time that rain, dust and snow have to blow into the open door. And, most importantly, a garage door opener saves you from having to run through the rain to get inside!

If you don’t already have a garage door opener, call BDC Door for a price quote today!

New Opener Installation


We sell garage door openers from top brands, like LiftMaster and Genie. We can help you choose the opener that makes the most sense for your needs, whether it’s a straightforward opener or one with extra security features and automation.

Once you’ve chosen your new garage opener, our experienced technicians will install it for you, testing it to be sure it works and answering any questions you might have before we leave.

Garage Opener Repairs and Maintenance

Aside from new sales, BDC Door also handles garage door opener repairs and maintenance. If your opener has stopped working or is no longer performing correctly, contact us for a complete diagnostic and repair or replacement!

Call 505.903.5803 for garage door opener sales and service.